Call me Sueyi.
Call me Sue-Sue.
Call me Sue.
Just don't call me lil fry.

A 19 yr old :

Finding her niche in the passionate world of white coats and stethoscopes.

Missing Malaysian food so badly, that she drowns her sorrow by surfing food blogs.

Who watches scary movies only with friends who have high pain threshold (from all that pinching)

Who has very cold extremities, ask my stimulated patients, oops sorry, "simulated patients"

Who loves a good laugh with candid, thick-skinned friends

Who cannot stay surrounded by 4 walls for more than a few hours

Who loves her loved ones so so much


shout outs

endless wishes

char siew bao.

blueberry muffins.

hot Milo and crackers.

a neverending supply of Daddy's socks.

Bear hugs. Warm kisses. Lots of Love.

My own beach chalet.

Bubble baths.

Shining sun and rainbows.

Sexy stilettos.



I wear socks.Even with heels.

I play with my earlobes.

I have a Mongolian mole.

My family means the world to me. "Family means no one gets left behind"

I like cheekiness. You cheeky, me cheeky.

I heart my close friends, the ones who know me in and out, the ones who've grown with me.


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and when she speaks

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I just came back from a tiring exhaustive journey from Flushing.

Spent $14 on cab ride.
COuldn't be anymore painful. Mum will obviously scold me for being so silly. Knowing her, she'll say 'Penny wise, pound foolish' LoL.

Interview went extremely well.

They were very impressed with me.
'I'm very impressed. Even without seeing your credentials, I can see you are extraordinary.'

I couldn't be happier.

I said 'Thank you very much. It's a very good feeling I have right now =)'
He was extremely happy with me, I could see. And the best part was I was just being me.

Then the program director interviewed me and teased me.

And we all laughed over the phone.

Avinesh volunteered to house me. Last night I arrived there, semi-soaked from the rain, he brought me into a bar. I was shocked at first. Then I realised it was actually his farewell party and his gang were all there. The physician assistants, the nurses, the other interns, the other residents. I met a tonne of people there. 

Then I stayed with him and his housemate.

I wrote him an extremely long note of thank you and appreciation.

I didn't get IDed for the beer buying ;) *I must look damn old la!*

INterview went very well. I can see myself there, enjoying it.
Then again, this is only my first. I am keeping my options open.I've got another NY one next week, then next next week in Chicago. Then Boston on my birthday and Baltimore in Jan.

My Program director today read out my letters of recommendation from all my three doctors in Canada. And I was blown away by what they wrote about me.

He exclaimed 'I'm very impressed' (this one is by another doctor)
'You are obviously very intelligent'...

One letter stated I was top 5% in my batch in Canada.
Another said I was way more knowledgeable and was performing at a level equivalent to that of a PGY-1 (ie an intern) as a medical student. And another one said he knew that I was very personable and I was unlike any other medical clerks he has ever met...

I'm humbled.
And thrilled.
And very happy.
And dead tired.
Sleep time.
Before tonight's James Bond movie.


6:26 AM;;

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank you to all who wished me luck for the interview =)

And for all your replies with regards to friends' living in Chicago, Boston and Baltimore.

Muchos Muchos gracias =)

My very first interview will be this Friday in NY Presbytarian Hospital of Queens.
Next week on Friday I've got another NY one.
And then, on the eve of my birthday, I'll be in Boston for a dinner held by Boston medical centre and the interview on the very next day, on my 21st birthday =)

I hope things go well.
I'll be heading off to Chicago on Dec5-6.
I've got friends who have tonnes of friends there. And to my surprise, my fellow Spanish radiologists will be going there. Dear Carmela - my Spanish radiologist buddy- will be there presenting her paper for a conference. So, I will definitely get to meet up with her.

Friday night, I'll be heading to MOMA with a couple of friends. And then it's JAMES BOND movie time.

Can you believe it? I'm heading to a 21 years old and above rock concert this Sunday with my resident. Time to go borrow that ID from dear ol' Ai Ping. My first rock concert :)

Tomorrow night, I'll be meeting Carol who's so sweet to help me out with taking the train together to Queens (Ive never been there before! I've only lived in Manhattan and gone to Chinatown the furthest ;P) and we're having dinner. Thereafter, I take off to senior senior AVINESH Dr.Avinesh, to put it correctly, as he's now done with his specialisation and has kindly offered to put me up tomorrow night for Friday's interview.

I'm so lucky.

I love love love all my friends.
*the biggest hearty love*

12:15 PM;;

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I love my housemate.

He's such a joker. He makes me laugh. And he's a sweet guy. Plus I know despite being a player, he'll never do anything to me.

So when I was showering just now, he was like 'SUEYI, HURRY UP! I have to PEE!'

'Are you naked?'

'YES! I don't care. You'll have to wait.'

I rushed through showering after a couple of screams 'I can't wait anymore....' with a sense of urgency... *hehe*

'I'll be quick!'

'SUEYI, I've seen many naked girls before. '

'I DONT CARE ---!'

Then I hurried up and in record time, like showered in less than 10 minutes.

When I came out, he was hopping around like a silly monkey... prancing around in the frog-legged position!And David was laughing..
Then he said this to me 'Sueyi, watch this'

Then all of a sudden, He quickly slammed our front door shut.

Then, he hopped over to David sitting in front of the TV saying 'I knocked on our neighbour's door!'

David and I just looked at each other and exclaimed in unison 'Hurry up and go PEE' and pointed to the toilet... and then, we both laughed!
Then he was making orgasmic sounds when he was peeing *he's such a joker!*

My Greek housemate... *shakes head* =)

Before he closed the door and went to bed, he said to me 'Sueyi, I LOVE you.'

I rolled my eyes and said to him 'Good night ---...!'
Then he continued teasing me 'Sueyi, you're making me horny.'
And then went on with my name and orgasmic sounds...

I said '---Stop ABUSING my name!'
'You're giving me goosebumps ---'

He said 'I know I do.' cheekily.

Oh brother.

Then David comes along and said 'If Sueyi bothers you again, just tell me'

I was like 'DAVID, you're supposed to side ME!'

I love my housemates.

--- said 'I'll miss you Sueyi'. He's leaving on Monday to Washington.

*Sigh* I'll miss him tremendously too. He's been fun. Despite the sex noises that comes from his room every weekend -.-

10:45 AM;;

10:37 AM;;

Her husband had tears welled up in his eyes.

"I would not have thought that was her in the picture framed on the bedside table"

In that picture, she was gorgeous with long, silky blond hair, perfect blue eyes, slim body, draping her arms playfuly around her cute Greek husband, smiling together in unison and in love.

And here she is, only 37 years old. Cachetic. She looks like she's 60. And she's far from beautiful... She looks haggard, eyes hardly open, bones jutting out everywhere, flesh pale and filmsy showing evidence of needle pokes everywhere, almost bald. It's a marked difference from that bubbly, beautiful blond.

"I know she's a fighter. I know she wants to do this. I am not beng selfish..." remarked the husband.

"She's half my life"

She's had a relapse of her leukemia. And has failed one bone marrow transplant.
Initially, her family was in conflict with each other. Her family wanting her to be a DNR do not resuscitate status, her husband is certain the wife wants to fight on; and he isn't going to let anyone stand in her way... "She still has so much to live for"

She was in so much bone pain; he choked "I will never forget that picture in my head. That was horrrific."

She was convulsing, seizing in pain, with arms flung wide open and just shaking uncontrollably in pain.

We pumped her up with as much pain meds as we could. And they didn't do anything to combat the cancer pain. So we gave her an antipsychotic to knock her out.

It's horrendous. Brutal. Sad.

Cancer pain. Kills you.

1:45 AM;;

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm going to Chicago, Boston, Baltimore for my interviews in the next coming weeks.

11:44 AM;;

I met up with Wei Boon yesterday - finally chatted about his Halloween night... which was definitely the highlight :p

I took him to Chinatown because he hasn't had Chinese food for ages... after being in jakun Syracuse for his cardio elective =) He arrived near my place and we took the bus I always take -the M15 which goes downtown to Chinatown. Usually I always stop at one place in Chinatown but it was dark and I missed the landmark. And we were also both chatting til I realised we passed all the STOPS in chinatown!!! We got off the bus immediately and walked. And walked.

And asked around for directions.
-.- And walked for about half an hour -.-'

My bad. Very bad. LoL.
In the end, he led the way... hahaha...
He knows me well la.. so he prolly already expected it. Hahaha :p

His friend in Infectious Disease told him the other morning, 'I bumped into your friend the other day to work. And she was LOST!' 'And she's been here for a few weeks! She's so cute.'


Wei Boon replied 'Uh Oh'... LoL... aiyor.
I took him to the famous Egg Tart King and we had hot Milo and egg tarts and our cheap (VERY CHEAP!) strawberries which we ate without washing! (because he didn't and I was tempted when he was eating his ;))
Then we met up with AI Ping and Wy-Men and had Char Siew for dinner :)

Then, we WEnt to Max Brenner's. Spontaneously.

We saw a syringe with chocolate. And took a photo of it- because it was medical-related ma... :P

I have been catching up on Gray's Anatomy the past few nights. All the old seasons which I missed when working days&nights in the hospital during the past year...

And some of the episodes triggered tears- and I miss the emotions that I get when dealing with my patients' and their families... And the satisfaction. And the emotional rollercoaster sometimes. And the fulfilment and joy when they do better. The highs and lows of the doctor-patient relationship.

I miss it. So much.
Ive been deprived of it in radiology.
I'm right now doing Palliative Care.
It's sad. Very sad...

But it's a difference that you can feel yourself which you contribute... to these patients.
A difference emotionally experienced. Your heart gets intertwined with them. And I like that. That's medicine.

Using both your heart and your head to treat and care.

2:25 AM;;

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Utterly unbelievable.

Is there no such thing as loyalty?

"The cat will not reject another fish that presents itself even though the cat already has another fish"

Anyway, my laundry basket is still waiting to be taken to the laundry room -.-

At 7.30am this morning, Desmond phoned me - to go to the Chanel Mobile Art show in Central Park. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as it's only done this once and it will only be showed in 5 cities in the world.

So up I dragged my heavy tired bum to wash up and get ready. Arrived there, we both waited for a soaking 4 hours in the pouring rain under my tiny, puny umbrella... 

What a wait. 4 HOURS!

And the show lasted only 15-20 minutes. But I really liked it. 

It had a very unique concept to it, very audio-visual unlike the usual museums of art. This one, you had a very deep, alluring voice through your given headset guiding you on what to do; talking through all the images/art pieces shown- explaining the story behind each and every one...and that voice was so low, so deep, yet so sexy- it was an old woman's voice... I really felt the connection with all the art pieces shown. They were extraordinary. 

One of them was inside the subconscious mind of the creator; with glass walls surrounding us, and the 'subconscious' was made using different leathery fabric all meshed up and made into a ladder of tangled fabric, and underlying that is a cubic cloud...

"You can see it. But you cannot touch it. For it is forbidden."

"All you see now is a grey wall. But it is actually a birth of unpredictable structures."

"Feel it. Breathe it."

"Sex...ahh" And then on the screen, there were images of nude women, 'chained and unchained' , in Chanel straps around their necks tied artistically, in differing sexy poses - art-like and beautiful not slutty and sleazy like in pornography. In between the images, there were striking colourful vibrant flowers...alternating and slowly fading away. It was breathtaking...

And then there was this life-sized Chanel purse as big as a bathroom and inside the purse was a computer sized powder-case show-casing a film on women's strength and fiery spirit/

Anyway, the show ended- and I enjoyed it.

Then, we headed to shake shack- extremely famous for its burgers.
Sadly, it was outdoors, so we basically camped outside the library for shelter munching down on our yummy very-late lunch hungrily!

Then, we did some shopping and then headed off to Hau Jia's place. Crispin was cooking Sarawak Laksa. Ai-Ping baked banana bread and I finished half the entire cake in one night. And I am not kidding. Why do I binge so much?? 

And then, we had Lindt chocolate with raisins and walnuts =) and we had a micro-karaoke session or 'jamming' session in Crispin's room where Crispin played on his organ, Wy-Men on the electric guitar, and the rest of us sang =)

What a night.
I am pooped.
Tomorrow, I'm heading to Jamaica to check out my interview place. It's darn far-about an hour away ... -.-

Fruit Diet starting tomorrow!!! so I can fit into my interview clothes -.- 

4:56 PM;;