Call me Sueyi.
Call me Sue-Sue.
Call me Sue.
Just don't call me lil fry.

A 19 yr old :

Finding her niche in the passionate world of white coats and stethoscopes.

Missing Malaysian food so badly, that she drowns her sorrow by surfing food blogs.

Who watches scary movies only with friends who have high pain threshold (from all that pinching)

Who has very cold extremities, ask my stimulated patients, oops sorry, "simulated patients"

Who loves a good laugh with candid, thick-skinned friends

Who cannot stay surrounded by 4 walls for more than a few hours

Who loves her loved ones so so much


shout outs

endless wishes

char siew bao.

blueberry muffins.

hot Milo and crackers.

a neverending supply of Daddy's socks.

Bear hugs. Warm kisses. Lots of Love.

My own beach chalet.

Bubble baths.

Shining sun and rainbows.

Sexy stilettos.



I wear socks.Even with heels.

I play with my earlobes.

I have a Mongolian mole.

My family means the world to me. "Family means no one gets left behind"

I like cheekiness. You cheeky, me cheeky.

I heart my close friends, the ones who know me in and out, the ones who've grown with me.


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and when she speaks

Friday, April 17, 2009

I met up with Ken Lin & Kathryn & Chen Chow.

Ken Lin looked so good; and there I was scrutinising her face for signs of overworking for the past few months in her intern year - but there was none. She looked so darn fresh-faced; it caught me by surprise. She must be one of those with fantastic skin! ;P But she repeated herself probably like 3 times; ensuring I knew what I was in for; for my upcoming intern year as a newbie first year medical doctor. You see for those of you in non-medical fields; interns aren't graduates yet; but in the medical field; interns are first year doctors- fresh from med school ;) After the third time commenting on how stressful and tough it was going to be; I sarcastically teased 'Thanks Ken Lin for this' LOL.. but I know she means well; she said she doesn't want me to be surprised and in for a shock at how hard internship will be; how gruelling the hours and scutwork is... how during the first few months she didn't have time to eat even... she wanted to prepare me mentally and set my expectations; and for that I'm thankful for her advise :)
Treated her to Shogun buffet; but all she wanted was a -drink! which I somehow suspected deep inside (hah!) - she laughed when she heard this ;) She drove me home; and I introduced her to mum and dad. Mummy came out in hair curlers *laughs* ;)

Kathryn came over yesterday; we went off to One Utama; played pool - yes, she thrashed me. But I DID manage to get a few balls in (that's cause there were a few fouls on her end; so I got to move the white ball right behind the balls I was aiming for! *laughs*) Watched Friday the 13th *I practically closed my eyes the whole time but she loves scary movies* *sigh* Didn't pinch her that MANy times; only once ;) the popcorn she bought kept me occupied and left me with no hands free to pinch ;) Went off to eat at Charms and sat on the swing. *bloody Kathryn* she told the waitress that I was from China and sell DVDs cos I forgot what the thin stringy white noodles were called (LOL) it's meehun -.-' Met up with two of her friends; Jamie and Edwin who were both lovely people :)

Drove her home. Scared her at one point; she said she nearly suffered a heart attack lol. That was scary, I'd have to admit -.-' (another driving lesson learnt)

Met up with Chen Chow today. Was fascinated by the world of consulting and finance which he exposed to me. It's a cut-throat, brutal industry especially if you're working in big companies like McKenzie. I say what's the point of earning so much and not having any time to enjoy with friends and family and the time to even enjoy the money you're making? Hearing people in their mid-20s with hypertension and high cholesterol from the stress levels and their irregular eating habits; I couldn't help but shudder with shock at the highly strung environment these people are working at.

Life shouldn't be all about work. You should be able to do the things you like; spend time with the people you love; and most importantly; be able to pursue your sideline interests as well.
Don't neglect your whole self.

1:30 PM;;

It brings a smile to my face when I think about it; and I can't quit laughing.

All my three younger sisters are growing up; at a very FAST pace.

Being the eldest and the SHORTEST; it's easy for most to confuse me as the younger one if they don't take a closer look at my face. (This happened during our most recent visit in Johor for a cousin's wedding and most of the oldies went 'OK-so which one is the eldest?' and I had to head to the very front raising my hands like how you would when you'd want to answer your teacher's questions!) ;P

Youth / Age shows on your face; (yes, it does- the 'mature' wiser look evident on facelines) If mum read this; she'd whack me and say "I'm 50 and you're 20 and you're talking about it"; rolling her eyes...

Anyway- back to my sisters...

The other day, I went with Sze-Sze to uni; Sze-Sze told me one of her guy friends who has a crush on her since college said to her

'Come Szeyi; let's go meet your sister *cough* my sister-in-law'

Sze-Sze said 'WHAT?!'

'Nothing nothing' with an innocent grin.

And then, a few hours later whilst I was sitting with Sze-Sze in the cafe; someone called out pretty loudly behind me;

'HELLLOO SZEYI's SISTER!!!' waving his hand excitedly.

I replied; 'hello' back.

He continued, smiling 'I saw you once before, remember?' flashing the biggest smile I've ever seen with all the pearly whites and the braces too.

Yes, yes I did :)

And inside, I was laughing. OK- that's my second sister's story.

One of the family members said; 'kids these days- so cheeky and clever too, to get on the good side of family ie ME in this case' ;)

AND next sister; Syeyi...

She's got an admirer in school. So yesterday I went to their school IDOL performance where both Syeyi and Syu-Syu were going to be on stage singing... After the performance and back in their classroom; I noticed Sze rolling her eyes beside me; and I looked at where she was looking- and figured out why ;) *laughs* Syeyi was having a private conversation with you-know-who.
And I of course, being the naughty busy-body big sister; edged closer and eavesdropped a wee BIT! ;)

Anyway, he's a nice guy; I'd have to say. Very very courteous; and big&tall! overshadows me with his 6 feet tall height!

Dr Vanitha; once asked me if any of my sisters have a boyfriend- I said No NO; and added in teasingly; 'their big sister doesn't have one yet; how can they?'

And she looked at me; with eyes wide open; exclaiming 'THAT"S NOT FAIR to your younger sisters!' LOL

10:12 AM;;

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I watched Step Up the other day on HBO. And it was so much better than the poor quality pirated DVD we bought many many years ago!

And I fell in love with the movie. the dance moves. the fiery passion. the raw talent. the fluidity of the body in sync with the music. the heart in bringing out what they felt inside through dancing.

AND of course; Channing Tatum *laughs* =)

I love all these dance movies. And I remember; my very first one was CENTER STAGE. Yes, I also fell for Sasha Radetsky (the main male dancer) ;)

I used to dance ballet. And I loved putting on my pointe shoes and do turns on my toes and imagine performing on stage in front of many; showing off my dance steps.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to travel with my dance group to South Korea; France and Spain. Very lucky- I met so many dancers from all around the world; all out to awe and inspire others through dancing; and to make many new friends who share the very same passion.

Then, my dancing hobby took a break when I took off to pursue the last 2 years of high school in Australia- and since then; it's remained that way.

I so want to do it all over again; watching this movie just made me more insistent on taking up dance. I looked up on google for dance schools around my hospital in Chicago; and I've got one on my favourite list ;)

Now it's time to find those old ballet shoes of mine ;)

Maybe this time- it'll be a fusion of both hip hop and ballet classes ;)

6:13 PM;;

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I told a girlfriend of mine 'Welcome back to the *singles* market!'

I felt there was a tinge of sorrow from her end; so I said 'You deserve better' - after all, she is now free to chase her dreams and live out her very aspirations without him holding her back. It's always rocky when partners have to sort out the distance of being apart; each in a different country, and one would have to sacrifice his/her steadfast ambition & accomodate/move to be with the other. Ultimately, if your other half cannot support you; that's surely going to put a strain on the relationship and it should be discussed in the open on the next best step ie either to resolve the issue & salvage the relationship or to break it off.

As for me, I see no rush getting into one despite my auntie complaining about it -.-' LOL.

Until I find a soulmate whom I feel perfectly comfortable with; one whom I can share my feelings and hopes with, one who understands me, appreciates my ambition and can be there to celebrate the joys with me and to support me when I need a holding hand :) *so cliche la* =)

My friend wrote me this sms the other day 'No wonder you went to exercise yesterday, you want to pig out today!' -.-' This - coming from someone who knows me for only a month! *laughs* my very cheeky colleague!! ;)

I have been driving with mum and dad for practise everyday now. I think mum is getting way too comfortable with my driving cos' she lets me take over the driver's seat whilst she relaxes; reading her newspaper!! Guess who's taken over the responsibility of buying veggies at the nearby grocery mart now? -.-' That said; I'm still driving with mum/dad/sister by my side just to have an extra eye for cars swerving around ;)

I met my old medical school Dean today and he gave me a really tight fatherly hug. He wanted to come meet mum; and he greeted her with 'So you're the lucky mother?' Of course, I smiled gingerly at the back ;) He told me I'm one of his students whom he remembers fondly =) The very first question he popped was 'Have you had many boyfriends?' LOL I had to play on the defense side and tell the truth; NOO of course ;) he's on my facebook and saw that red wig that I donned for Halloween in NYC; lol; of course he wanted to double-check! He said to mum 'She's very focused. You needn't worry about her' and when mum thanked him for his encouragement; he replied 'all I did was provide the gentle 'nudge'' and I chipped in and interrupted 'a good kick in the butt when I'm not grounded' and he shook his head nooo ... ;)

Also met the President of the student rep council who asked me to come help the Sem 5's with their OSCE practise. *bummer* I need a refresher course too -.-' but it'll be good for both of us :) And I get coffee as a thank-you (lol)

What I've been up to now - going through with Sze-Sze all her IMU lectures. Mum and dad and I have encouraged her to (I quote) :-

'Milk your jie-jie for all her medical knowledge'
'Milk her for all the money that we've spent on her- might as well make full use whilst she's here' -.-' (*laughs*)


One more thing; what I love doing on lazy afternoons:
I sit in my TV room; and lounge on the carpeted floor; and Johnny (my pekingese) will come and sit right by my side; and nudge his nose around my thigh. And I'll just lie there with his soft fur right beside me... of course, it'd be better if he doesn't sniff and sneeze once in awhile at my face ;P

9:18 PM;;